Singapore Trip (22/11/08 - 26/11/08)

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Finally manage to spare some time to blog about myself.
Just came back to Malaysia from Singapore last week on 26th Nov 2008.
It was a four-day trip together with my aunt Shirley.
Supposed to visit Singapore with my brother for the last few months,
but we didn't find a time to plan our trip!


This trip, i've spent most of my time with my aunt Shirley.
She'll be leaving for Melbourne, Australia this December. (very soon)
I'm gonna miss her very much!!
We've decided that we go on a trip to Singapore.
Really had lots of sweet moments during our holidays.
Here are a few pictures that we took in Singapore.
This picture was taken in Orchard Road.
This is the place where you get to buy branded items.
Christmas decorations is set and ready for Christmas!
Aren't they cute and colorful?

Siloso Beach is in Sentosa. Should pay a visit if you're in Singapore.

We spent one half day around Sentosa.

You'll not get bored coz there are just so many things to see and visit.

Do not forget to put on your sun block and sunglasses coz it's extremely hot and sunny!You'll get to see many youngsters, visitors, etc playing volley ball on the beach.

Also, managed to see a few sexy hot babes in their bikinis! hehe~

Should have taken their pictures to share with you guys. (jk)Didn't visit Fort Siloso coz it's something similar to Penang's Fort (don't know what's its name).

Hehe. Just snapped the entrance for fun.Look at this star fish, that's Shirley's hand.

I dare not touch it, afraid that it may bite me!

Haha! that's silly of me~

managed to touched a lil bit.

Anyway, it's as hard as a rock.

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