Puchi Puchi

by - 7:43 PM

Ever heard of the Puchi Puchi?
It’s the latest new Gadget to appear from those
wacky Japanese and is now taking the world by storm.
It’s a toy that makes the same sound as you get
when additively popping Bubble Wrap,
but unlike normal Bubble Wrap it never runs out!!

The idea seems so simple but it has turned out to be a
massive hit with over 1 million Puchi Puchi being sold in the
first 2 months after its launch in Japan.

The name Puchi Puchi is derived from the word
used in Japan for the sound made when Bubblewrap is burst.
As you can see in this image it is made up of 8 buttons that
resemble the little air pockets.

When you press them they make the pop sound but every
once in a while you get rewarded with a different random
sound like a doorbell or cat meowing. You also get the
great satisfaction you would get from the normal
bubble-wrap popping so really what’s not to love?

As you would expect they come in various
different shades, so you can pick the Puchi Puchi you like best.
Mine is in pink, and it has 7 different sounds.
It was a gift from a friend, Chee Leong.

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