Shopping with Meg

by - 11:02 AM

Hmm...went to One Utama today again.
I met up with Meg this afternoon.
We did our shopping from 1.30pm til 9pm.
Gosh...i'm extremely exhausted and headache right now,
but still want to blog about what happened today
before i hit the sack. =)
No worries, just had my panadol.
I'm feeling much better.
Look at the pictures below, these Christmas trees decorations
in One Utama are so beautiful.

This is me!
Hehe~ Finally bought something for Shirley.
Hope she'll love her Christmas and farewell gift.
During our one whole day of shopping,
we bumped into two of our hometown secondary ex-schoolmates,
Ah Meng and Khai En.
What a coincidence!
I was surprised to see them after so many years.
Look at this playing card.
It's huge!
This is Meg, one of my close friends. I knew her since we were
in our secondary school years.
She's my best ex-classmate.
We used to come out once a while, just the both of us,
for a long chat and hang around together.

Isn't she sweet looking?
We had our dinner in The Chillis,
we shared our Triple Play meal.
You must be thinking what's triple play.
Hehe, it's one of the meals' name.
We had a great time shopping and chatting for
one whole day.

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