Last Day in Singapore (22/11/08 - 26/11/08)

by - 12:34 AM

We left Chinatown for a car ride before we had our dinner.
This picture is taken behind the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant,
it's somewhere near to the Changi Airport.

This is the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
where we had our early dinner
before we left for Malaysia.
My relatives This is the view in front of the restaurant.
I could feel the wind while you're enjoying
your dinner, the sound of the waves that rushed up the shore,
and the sound of the airplane flew across the sea.
It's also a nice place to have a walk in the evenings.

This is Pamela.

This fried mee is super spicy,
i myself couldn't stand it.
Our local "mamak" fried mee is
less spicy compared to this.

This fish fillet is yummy and delicious!!
Yum Yum ~~
I couldn't recall
what's the name of this dish.

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