Family Reunion Dinner

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We have family gathering reunion dinner every new year's eve in my house.
So, we had our new year's eve dinner tonight at 7 PM.
Everyone came just in time for the dinner.
I helped out in the kitchen too, but didn't cook. Just help to wipe the plates, wash the dishes, and clean the tables. Hehe.
It's really fun and good to gather once a year together.
This is my second eldest cousin brother.
He was trying his very best to open the two bottles of red wine.

Yay! Finally done.
Everyone Cheers~

My mom baked this chocolate almond cake last minute just to celebrate Gavin (my brother) and Alan (my eldest cousin brother) birthday. I couldn't get a bigger cake in town because most of the bakery shops are closed today. So, my mom has to bake one for them. Both of their birthday falls on the same day.
So we celebrated tonight.
Oh ya, i actually decorated the cake with pikachu, rainbow, a house, a car, and coconut trees on the cake! Haha! Everyone was saying that the cake looks childish! But i find it cute!
Hmm...better than no decorations at all. =D

Gavin & Alan Brother

This is my closest cousin sister, Poh Yee.
She's studying law in melaka eh~
Didn't really get to talk to her much tonight.
I'll get to see her again tomorrow.
Will definitely chit chat with her.

After our reunion dinner, everyone went home around 11 PM.
The elderly went back home to sleep early, while some of my cousins went out for a drink with their friends. This is the only time where we get to meet up with ex-classmates and hometown friends. I was at home, sitting in front of the notebook and keep updating my blog.
I have no entertainment for tonight. My brother, Simon and Sarah went out to town to watch the fireworks. I could even hear it now! Loud and clear! because the town area is just a three minute drive from my house.
Alright, i got to stop blogging. I need to fetch the three of them home now!

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