Lou Sang Dinner

by - 10:58 PM

We had 'lou sang' dinner tonight, together with the gang in 'Tong Ging' restaurant Setapak.
This was my first 'lou sang' in the year of 2009! Yay!
I'm sure i'll have another 'lou sang' back in hometown with my hometown friends too.
The restaurant was so packed with people that we have to stand and wait for the table.
Phew, luckily we only waited for about five minutes.
It's a Sunday...most of the people do not cook at home during weekends.
I did not get to snap everyone's photo because we were so busy enjoying our dinner and the place was quite packed that we could not get a group picture.

[Friends: Mr. & Mrs. Soo, San Kui, Ah De, Kah Chin, Chee Kean, Jason, Joey, Wayne, PS & his soon-to-be-wife and I]

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