Gift from Shirley

by - 3:34 PM

I received a birthday gift from Shirley yesterday night. It's the paper quilling art set. This gift came all the way from Melbourne, Australia. My dad visited them last two days, so my dad took home the present. I only received it yesterday night when my dad reached home. I opened it this morning, and I was so happy that she really understands me and she knows me well ! She just knows what I wanted ! She's the first person to give me a birthday gift. Really glad to have her as my aunt. I would like to say thanks to Shirley and also to San Kui. San Kui was the first person to post me a handmade birthday card. It's really early and i'm surprised to receive them. Thanks again. I'm glad to have you guys.

Twist tool and paper strips

Wiggly eyes
A Well Done stamp.

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