Jenni Called

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I received a surprised phone call from a good friend of mine this noon. It was from Jenni. She is getting married this 6th of June 09 in Skudai, Johor Bahru !! I'm so happy for her. We were talking on the phone for about 25 minutes.
She was my very good friend since the first year in academy. We used to hang out very often together with Joanna and Soon Seng. Too bad, Joanna and Soon Seng will not be able to attend her wedding dinner because they're still in the UK.

These pictures were taken three years back.

These pictures were taken in Pulau Gayana.

Can you see that mountain behind us?
That is the Mount Kinabalu. The weather was kinda cooling.

This was taken four years ago in Yuen buffet steamboat Restaurant in Sunway.

We did our research assignment about Museum Negara four years ago.

Jenni, Joanna, Soon Seng, and I were in a group for this assignment.

Jenni was practising piano. I came in to disturb her. Hehe~
Lunch Break

Lots of sweet memories during my academy years. Am really glad to have them as my friends. Thank God for giving me so many good, nice, pretty, charming, sweet and wonderful friends.

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