Genting Highlands Trip 2009

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I have just came back from Genting Highlands this noon. Below are the pictures that I managed to snap before my camera ran out of battery because I have forgotten to bring along my camera charger. There are more pictures from another camera. Pictures will be uploaded soon. =)
This is the lobby of First World Hotel. Our check-in time was supposed to be 3 PM, but we waited till 5 PM because of too many tourists!! I was sitting with a group of wayne's friends waiting for our turn to check-in. While waiting, I on my notebook and watched two tvb chinese dramas. =) Yesterday's weather wasn't as cooling as I have expected, but it was really cold in the evening.

Tourists queueing to check in.

This colorful building is the First World Hotel. This picture was snapped while we were boating.

Everyone queued up for fun kart except me. I helped everyone to snap their pics.


This was our first game the minute we reached the outdoor theme park. It is the Pirate Ship.

This is the scariest game in Genting Highlands theme park.
Dare to play?

This is the Beryl's chocolate. I bought a bar of sugar-free chocolate. Yummy~

In London? Haha!

This is the indoor theme park. You can also do your shopping here. But the prices as compared to KL are definitely expensive.

Mini Eifel Tower in Genting Highlands.

Mini Statue of Liberty

Is this the Oscar trophy statue?
I have no idea, but it looks like one.

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