Redang Trip - Day 4

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Saying goodbye to this little beautiful Island. It's the end of my trip! A four days three nights trip. It was drizzling when we were about to depart to the mainland in the morning. Everyone walked all the way to Laguna Beach, just to wait for the boat to come. We waited patiently almost an hour. Hmm...The boat ride back to the mainland was a terrible one because of rough sea and strong waves. Our flight supposed to be 9 PM, but we arrived at the mainland very early as that is the only boat to send everyone off to the mainland jetty. Since it's still early, the tour bus took us around Kuala Terengganu. Everyone agreed to pay RM20 for this city tour. We visited a few places which are the batik store, Kuala Terengganu Museum, The floating Crystal Mosque, and the market. Here are the pictures....
A last snap at the beach.
Sending off some tourists to the Kuala Terengganu Bus Station. Some tourists boarded the Kuala Lumpur bus, it will be a 7 to 8 hours journey back to KL for them! If you're coming by plane, it'll be just 1 hour flight. =)

Our first stop to Noor Arfa. A huge batik store.

A painted batik

This batik is hand-drawn by this young malay man. He has the patience to draw it so nicely.

Buying entry tickets to the largest museum in Malaysia. That's the Terengganu Museum.

This is the crystal floating mosque! A very grand and nice mosque.

I know, no shorts allowed inside the mosque. We just snapped pictures outside the mosque.

Looks a little like taj mahal?

This is the pasar where the tour bus stopped us. This dry market has a fishy smell!

This is the upper floor of the Pasar. Nothing much to see or buy, mostly baju kurung at an affordable price.

Fruits and tid-bits! Ahh, not in the mood for that. I was tired...

McDonald's with Jawi word!!! O.O"
My first time to see this in Malaysia.

Here is the website Redang Guide where you get to know more about Redang Island, how to get there, places of interest, Redang map, and other Islands, etc.

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