A small gathering

by - 3:31 AM

This picture was taken on 13th Aug. Exactly a month ago. I was too lazy to update my blog lately.
Anyway, I just received this picture a week ago. These are my seniors during my school days in YAAM. On my right, is the only junior, Jessica. She'll be continuing her masters this month in the UK. I won't be seeing her again til next year. The blue blouse young lady, Cheryl, is currently working as an air stewardess with Cathy Pacific. So, most of the time she'll be in Hong Kong. The pink blouse young lady, Samantha, a piano and vocal teacher, teaching in the same academy as me, but i dont get to see her even though we're working in the same place. And the only guy, Teck Yeong, is a music producer, electone teacher, event pianist, and piano teacher.
Ok, enough of introducing. We had a great time having lunch in one of the restaurants in Taman SEA. We had our second round 'yum cha' in Old Town PJ. Unsure of which Old Town was it, because I wasn't familiar with the place there. Hmm...Nice getting in touch with them. =)
Alright, I should be on bed by now. It's 4AM in the morning now! I'll have to stop blogging or else I'll not be able to get up for my work tomorrow! Good night!

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