Birthday Cards for Friends

by - 1:04 PM

Such a long holiday is making me too relaxed at home. I've been slacking a lot recently. I have to take care of the house, feed the fish, do the laundry, cook for myself, clean the house for new year, water the plants and vegetables outside the small garden! Did i miss out anything? My parents are away for their honeymoon to South Africa, so, I'm home alone! I used to have Kak Siti to accompany me when my parents are away, but this time, I'm all by myself. My maid has gone home to Indonesia and she'll never come back again. Meaning her contract has finished.

I'm still out of plans for the new year celebration. This year it's gonna be different without my parents and being alone at home. Hopefully i'll find some nice places or events to go.

Here are two birthday cards for my friends Elaine Yap and San Kui. Their birthdays fall on the same day on 4th January. Hope they will like my card.

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