"blogiREADalot" Award

by - 6:58 PM

Hooray! I've received a 'blogiREADalot' award by Henry Lee yesterday. I'm so happy that he has picked me. Thank you Henry for the nice award, it's really so nice of you to tag me this award.

The "blogiREADalot" Award!

I'll also tag 10 blogs that I read and visit often. The blogiREADalot award goes to:-

1) Agnes Sim

2) Hui Ting

3) Sheerah Teo

4) Joan Wong

5) Mei Mei Huang

6) Estee

7) Cheryl Khor

8) Tammy Khor

9) Shu Ying

10) Cindy Ham

The rule of the award is to pass it to 10 blogs that you read frequently.

Have fun girls! Just noticed that i've selected all girls to receive this lovely award.

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