Touch N Go Card

by - 11:52 PM

This post is not about my handmade card, but a Touch N Go card.
For the past few weeks, my car was broken into, my whole money compartment was stolen. Nothing was left behind, not even a single card from the compartment! I remembered I have a Touch N Go card, a bonuslink card, a mesra card, and my condo access card. Everything is gone!
My left window was broken into. I took it for a repair and it costs me RM110 for a window. I couldn't be bothered to apply a new condo access card yet, but I've received all the other 3 cards. Ok..i did not put a single cent in my money compartment. The robber really took all the
hassles to break into my car.
Here's my new Touch N Go card, it's a better quality card than the previous one.
Did you know that all Touch N Go card will expire every 10 years?
You can check your card expiry date from Here. It's just RM10 for a new card, and reload denomination is ranging from RM20 to RM500 for activation.

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