Mother's Day Card

by - 12:10 PM

Before I cook for lunch, I have a card to share and a free digi sentiment designed by me.
It's a Mother's day card for my mum. I hope it's not too early to make a mother's day card. My mum is someone who's always be there for me when I needed her. I appreciate all the things she has done for me such as cleaning my room, tidy my bed, do the laundry for me, cook for me, etc. Now that I'm staying in the city, I have to do everything all on my own. When she's in the city to visit me, she'll be doing all the household chores! She doesn't seem to get tired and has treated it as a daily routine I guess.

Here is the free mother's day digi sentiment stamp.
Right click on the image to save the digi stamp.

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