Dec Recital 2008

by - 9:01 PM

It has been such a long time for not performing in Bernadette's
Piano Studio. I've been learning from my piano tutor since i was 4 years old.
And I do still have the chance to perform in her studio.

Tonight's performance was a good one. I
didn't want to say it was a great one coz I wasn't satisfied
with this performance. I hit a few wrong
notes coz I was abit nervous. Nervous because
I've not been performing for more than six months.

The piece of the song that we performed was:
In The Hall Of The Mountain King from
Peer Gynt. Composed by Grieg and arranged by
Peter Wildman.

My friends Karen, Jasmine Lee and I performed this piano trio.
This was my first time working with them, and honestly
we only practised twice, and this piece turned out real good!
Too bad that we did not have a video camera to record it.

If you're curious about the piece that we played,

you may want to listen to this in youtube.

I found this from youtube,

and they actually have 5 person playing on 5 pianos.

Enjoy ~

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