Steamboat Dinner in Sunway

by - 12:26 AM

Met up with Ee Pei, a pre-uni friend this morning in Sg. Wang.
We had our breakfast together and did some shopping.
My feet was sore after a few hours of shopping! (sob sob ~).

I reached home in time for a rest,
and next we're heading off to Sunway for our steamboat buffet dinner.
Had my dinner with Shirley, Gavin, and Wayne in Yuen Restaurant Sunway.

It costs RM22 per person. you think it's cheap?
To me, it's kinda cheap and reasonable,
coz i'm a big eater! Muahahaaha!
If you're a big eater, then it's reasonable. =)
You can just eat til you drop!
Make sure you have no leftovers,
else you will be fined for wasting food !

This chicken is the most famous dish in this restaurant.
And it's one of my favourite dishes among all !
It is a must try dish.
Do you know that you actually have to queue for this
sweet and delicious chicken?

One of the workers in the restaurant took a big
tray of chicken out from the kitchen,
and in a few minutes,
it's all gone~
Hu hu... selling like hot cakes.

Yummy, lots of nice and delicious food for steamboat!

Our rubbish ~

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