A Visit to The National Museum

by - 9:37 PM

It's been four years ago I last went to the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur.
It has been renovated inside. I feel much comfortable when i visited this museum today compared to the last time.
The entry fee is just RM2.
We spent an hour in the museum and we took some photographs.
I was feeling tired after walking the long fleet of stairs in Batu Caves!
What a good exercise for me. :)
Anyway, i enjoyed my time together with Simon & Sarah.
Too bad, Gavin & Tammy didn't join us.
I guess it'll be fun to have them along.
The more the merrier!

This is the bicycle for Japanese soldiers during 1947.

This is the place where the Japanese soldiers hide themselves during the war.

After our visit to the Museum, we went to IKANO for shopping!

Woah...went out the whole day!

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