A Visit to Batu Caves

by - 9:46 PM

This morning, Uncle Jack called me. I was supposed to bring Simon & Sarah out for a visit today.
So, I went to pick them up and we had our lunch in Old Town Melati.
I've thought of bringing them to the National Zoo. But it was really hot and sunny.
I've decided to bring them to Batu Caves and to the National Museum.
It's a free entry to the caves. But I have to pay for the parking fee which costs RM2.
I was really feeling out of breath after a few steps!
Gosh...and you have to walk up this long fleet of stairs!!!
It's 272 steps to reach the caves!!!!
Simon was the first to reach, and there goes Sarah.
I'm the last anyway. They were waiting for me at the top, smiling at me.
I was struggling for breath, and i finally reached the top!
Here are the photos that i've snapped.

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