Neway January 2009

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This morning, i did not really feel like getting up from my bed.
Wanted to continue my good sleep but couldn't because
we are going to The Neway in Berjaya Times Square to sing our lungs out!
We reached there just in time at 11am, i was so hungry,
had my breakfast buffet in Neway while the rest enjoy their singing.
Mr & Mrs Soo and San Kui came late coz Mr Soo slept around 2 something in the morning.
He was drunk yesterday night! Today, he wasn't in the mood for singing.
He did sing a few songs in the end.
This is Kah Chin, he was the only one who did not sing, but eat and drink!

They are Mr & Mrs Soo,
The newly-wed.

Ahh, what happened to San Kui?
Haha~ she couldn't sing half way.

There she goes, laughing at herself for no reason?

The guys~
I pulled them to sit together for a group pic.
They are still looking tired after yesterday's BBQ.
From left: Mr Soo, Chee Kean, Kah Chin, Jason, Wayne

After our singing, we went to do some shopping in Times Square.
It was really crowded since it's the first day of 2009.
I was searching for some chinese new year blouses, but
couldn't seem to get what i want.'s really hard to get the blouses i want
coz i've put on weight !!!!!

After our shopping, we went to Secret Recipe for our early dinner?

or late lunch? or teatime?
i don't know.
But i ordered a speghetti bolonaise with meat balls.
Yummy~ it's always one of my favourites.

While we were walking, we saw this U mobile 'thingy'.
I don't know what they call this.
We took a picture of it. Hehe~
Isn't it cute?

This is Joyce & San Kui.

And this is Mr. Soo, The Santa Claus !
He didn't wanna snap picture today,
but i force him to take.
Muahaha !

Chinese New Year's decorations are all set in Times Square.
Hmm, anyone knows what do we call this tree behind us (in English)?

It looks like a sakura tree. *grins*

Today is the 1st January 2009.
We have to abide to our new law which is
we have to fasten our seat belts for passenger sitters (behind).
San Kui and I didn't get use to it, coz all this while we do not have
to put on our safety belts, except for those who sit in front.
We did abide to the law. Or else, you'll be fined RM300 if you get caught!

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