To The Hot Spring

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My relatives from New Zealand came back to Malaysia last Saturday.
They reached Bentong on Monday morning.
I was at home together with Gavin, we brought our relatives out for a hair cut,
and then went to The Store for a walk.
The Store is the only mall in Bentong, and it has nothing much to shop as compared
to Kuala Lumpur.

In the evening, I drove Simon, Sarah, and Gavin to the hot spring, which is located along the old
Kuala Lumpur road. The road is really small and winding !
You'll have to slow down when there's a vehicle coming from the other direction.
It was a 20 minutes drive from Bentong town to this hot spring.
The last time I went to this hot spring was four years back.
It was cleaned back then. Now, it's getting dirtier !

People enjoy themselves at the hot spring, have their picnics, have a dip, they even bath in the pool with their shampoo and body wash !!!
And they just don't know how to use to rubbish bins ?!
Or i should say this hot spring has no rubbish bins provided.
People are throwing rubbish everywhere !
So, these are the pictures that i've taken.

It is a Monday, but still there are a lot of visitors.

Look at the rubbish...
This is a small little waterfall. It is called 'Batu 7'.
It's just a 5-minute drive from the hot spring,
from the direction back to the Bentong town.
There's also a nicer waterfall in Bentong. It's located in Chamang area, somewhere near to the Bentong town.
It is the 'Chamang Waterfall'.
I guess it takes about 20 minutes to reach to Chamang Waterfall from Bentong town.
That waterfall is much nicer than this little ones.

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