Holidaying In Redang Island - Day 1

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I'm blogging at the beach now! This is really my first time, while listening to the sound of the waves.
This is also my first time to the Redang Island. An island which is some where near to Kuala Terengganu. I woke up at 4.15AM this morning just to get ready for this exciting trip with Wayne and Shan Pang. We boarded Firefly which departed at 7.15AM from Terminal 3, Subang Airport. We had free tickets to Redang Island which we booked online last December. We only pay for the tax that costs us RM70 plus, it's cheaper than going by bus anyway.

When we arrived in Kuala Terengganu Airport, a tour bus waited for us. It was a 45-minute journey from the airport to the Merang Jetty. We waited almost for an hour and 30 minutes for the boat to pick everyone up. rained this morning while we were waiting for the boat to arrive.

I have some experiences to share during my first day trip today. My first experience was; we had an EXCITING boat trip to the island, which took about an hour from the mainland to the island. The wave was kinda strong today, and the boat had to go against the wave. Everyone had to hold on to the hand-rail bar. I could feel that my butt is lifted up from my seat! Just imagine how exciting that boat trip was.

The second experience was; the minute we arrived Redang Island, there's no jetty for us to land our stuff! Everyone had to jump from the boat to the sea and walked all the way up to the shore! But it was kinda short distance.

The third experience was; SNORKELING!! It was my first time to go snorkeling. The scariest thing is; i don't even know how to swim! Everyone had their life jackets on, so I'm not scared of drowning. I managed to see beautiful corals. We're going snorkeling tomorrow again and day after tomorrow. Hmm...hope to see some beautiful fish, corals, perhaps baby sharks.

It's coming to evening now. I'm sitting in the canteen to keep on blogging and net surfing. The other tourists are singing karaoke at the bar, there's also disco night, the sound of mahjong in the canteen, people and couples walking along the beach with their torch lights, and youngsters chit-chatting in the dark with a group of friends. Hmmm....this is such a nice feeling at the beach.

To be continued with day 2 ...

The jetty...

Redang Island

This is how we got down from the boat. A friendly reminder: Remember to change your long jeans/pants to short pants and also your slipper! You'll definitely get soaked up...

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