Redang Island - Day 2

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This is the snorkeling centre for you to rent your life jacket, snorkeling mask, swimming board, etc.
This is the resort where we stayed The Pelangi Resort.
Click on the link above for more infomation on the resort. =)
This is the reception for you to check-in and check-out. If you brought along your notebook or laptop, do ask them for the Wifi password at the reception counter. =) You still get to online to check your emails in this beautiful island!

The Canteen; Breakfast, Lunch, Teatime, and Dinner provided. Just eat as much as you can! The food isn't that bad after all. One thing I have to say, watermelon is the only fruit for the whole four days for us!

Getting ready to go out for a sea ride. Just a friendly reminder: Remember to bring along your sunblock and sunglasses! It's really sunny and hot here, but windy. =)

This is the camera that we rented.

We have reached the Marine Park!

You can purchase a pack of bread to feed the fishes from the reception counter.

The Jetty

Wayne feeding a school of fish...

This is Yao Wei from China. We met him and his wife during our trip. A friendly couple. =)

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