Professional Piano Teaching Workshop

by - 9:41 AM

I know i've neglected my blog for the past 2 weeks! Hmm....i've been busy with my working schedule lately, and didn't have much time to make cards for mother's day. But I managed to complete all the card orders! =) phew~

Alright, on the 4th May 09, I attended a 2-full day workshop on Professional Piano Teaching, which was conducted by Emeritus Professor Edward Ho. This workshop was held in Federal Hotel, KL and more than a hundred teachers attended this interesting workshop. Piano teachers from Malaysia, Brunei, East Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Professor Ho, from Hong Kong, talked mainly on teaching techniques, which books to use, and what methods to use to teach a beginner and to higher grades. He recommended many useful books that's suitable for piano teaching. I've spent a few hundreds on music books now, coz they had a 20% on books for all teachers on that 2-day workshop!

Anyway, i have no regrets in buying them, because those books can be used for many many years! even decades. I'm addicted to buying music books now. I will definitely stop by The Chambers in Sg. Wang for more books in these few weeks time.

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