Gathering In Pasta Zamai

by - 11:51 AM

We had a gathering in Pasta Zamai, Mid Valley yesterday evening.
I supposed to meet them at 6.30pm, but I arrived late at 7.15pm because of the massive jam around KL sentral to Mid Valley.
Here's the group picture.

Meg, my close friend, happily posing with her birthday gift from me.

Jacqueline has a gift too. I told her to open it at home. Hehe!

Meg, looking great in both the pictures!
Please shoot me nicely next time. *grins*

What a natural smile! Managed to capture this without her knowing it. She was happily talking to Jacqueline.

Jacqueline received a free handmade Christmas card from Meg.

Darren took one too! What a cute red felted blouse on a card.

Here're the dishes that we had

I had this! It's the salmon speghatti. A nice one!

I shared this with Meg,Jacqueline, and Darren.
A very sweet and creamy ice-cream with cornflakes in the middle.
Also, small pieces of bananas.

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