Students' Annual Recital

by - 12:40 PM

These pictures were taken yesterday evening during the Students' 9th Annual Recital. Too bad that I could not snap my students' pictures while they were performing. I had to arrange and took care of my students. I only managed to capture some of the pictures.

These are the encore group kids.
Young violinists!

On my left is Zal and Zahra. They performed Red River Valley & also Number Song.
This is Ming En. Before her turn to go on stage, she approached to me and requested to change to another song! Anyway, I managed to talk to her. She performed really well yesterday & received the Most Impressive award!
On my left is Phoebe, together with her younger sister, Amy.
Phoebe received The Most Inspiring trophy & Amy received The Most Outstanding trophy! Amy was telling me that she was very nervous and scared before the concert started.
They both did a great job!
Ming En receiving her trophy from the academy principal, Ms Mei Fong
This is Phoebe

Group picture with their trophies!
This is the final third session. They had 6 sessions all together, which went on continuously for two days.

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