A day out to Ikano, The Curve & IKEA

by - 1:49 PM

A whole day out with my dad to IKANO, The Curve and IKEA! I went to Daiso again to check out whether they have new items in store. And yes, they have cute embroidery covered buttons! And also many new arrivals of felted cloths. Sorry to sound so excited. I always get excited when I see something cute! *grins*

These stickers are for my students. I bought them from ikano. They are so cute and puffy! Anyway, I only give one sticker to a student when they pass a song. There's one student who told me; "Teacher Evelyn, I can't decide which sticker to take, coz all of them are just too cute!" Some students also asked me where did I buy so many cute and colourful stickers. Cute students eh...

New colourful felts

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