Muffins Time

by - 1:43 AM

Today I learnt how to bake muffins. My mum taught me and I helped her out the whole evening before attending church at 10 PM. We reached church just in time for mass. It was crowded and we could not get ourselves a good seat as we were almost late. We sat at the entrance, couldn't see the alter at all. Hmm...I met up with some old church friends and we had a nice chat before heading back home to open my Christmas presents!!

Love the chocolate chips and tiny little almonds

Hmm...have to wait patiently. It's baking slowly in the oven ehh..
Hooray! All done!
These chocolate and pandan muffins are packed for my Godma, Teresa.
I'm still not good in baking muffins yet. I need to have a few more baking classes with my mum.
These are for my aunts and uncles! Yummy~

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