Broga Hill, Semenyih

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I never thought I will have any plans for the new year celebration until a friend of mine called me up for a drink the night before. We had a good chat and 3 of my friends were asking me to join them, and it's a MUST to go! Woah~ a must! Hmm...It's my last minute decision to go anyway. I did not go for any countdown on 31st Dec, everyone was asking where did I go for countdown, etc... When I told them I slept early, no one believes!
I woke up kinda early at 4am and off we go to Broga Hill. It's located in Semenyih, Kajang. Most of my friends came all the way from Pahang! They had to wake up early and started their journey at 3.30AM...that's crazy! At least, I had another half an hour to sleep.
The minute I reached Broga hill, we hardly get to park our cars. Everyone had the same plan to hike up broga hill eh~ It was a dark morning, I had my torch light with me. Thanks to kar ling for reminding me to bring along my torch light. I thought hiking up the hill should not be a problem as most of my friends went there before. Hmm...anyway, it's a challenging new year plan!
We reached the 1st stop around 6 something. Took us about more than half an hour to reach the 1st stop, due to human jam. LOL! People stopped half way to rest, and some blocking the way up!
I've never sweat that much in my whole life! Gosh...My lap is still aching, having problem to walk up the stairs at home and even getting in to my car!
The first sunrise in year of 2010

2nd stop to the 1st stop

I don't know what they call this

Group picture, a total of 20 person!
Another one more went down the hill. LOL!

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