Happy Birthday Card

by - 10:25 AM

This is the most challenging card i've made so far. It's a personalised birthday card for a customer, Deion from Kajang. I'm not designing a card for him but to follow his sketch accordingly. His girl adores Avril Lavigne too much! He wanted me to make the two crossed bones with a heart on top, with her name too...
And the most work to get this card done is the ribbon weaving technique! I took almost an hour plus to finish the weaving section.

A pop-up card!
It's my first attempt to do this.
Deion even sent me easy step-by-step tutorials to finish this pop up.
I did not have any trouble by finishing this pop-up card even though it's my first trial. *grins*
He's afraid that I may not understand what he wanted for the inner page.
He's such a nice guy to get a personalised card for his girl. That's so sweet of him.

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