A Short Break

by - 11:55 PM

It's Valentine!
Saw this cute couple on google front page.

I need a break from card making! For the last two weeks, I have been having a hectic week, making cards for my online customers everyday, and spending a few hours making cny cookies and to work! I still have a few more card orders to complete before going for a break to somewhere. It's just a short getaway.

I didn't get to participate in any card challenges this month and didn't even get to do my facial mask! gosh~ I can't believe I can be so busy. Anyway, I'm happy that I can spare some time to blog. =p

Just today, I had some free time to shop at a mall. I'm still out of mood to buy CNY clothings. I went to a fabric shop and saw some cute fabrics in store! I couldn't resist them.
I haven't thought of what to do with them yet, but to keep it to myself first.

They are just so colourful.....making me happy to own them....

Love these the most

I know what I'm gonna do with this gingham fabrics...
need more sewing for my next craft. :)

Here are the cookies I've made! Yummy~ it's the orange chocolate + cornflake cookies! Am learning to bake more yummy cookies...

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