Angkor Spirit Palace Hotel

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I came back from Siem Reap, Cambodia for almost 3 weeks now. I should have blogged about this trip before my birthday post.

There are just too many pictures taken during this wonderful trip!
This is the hotel where my family and I stayed for 4 days.
You can check out the hotel rates from the hotel website
or check from Air Asia's hotel website.

This hotel provides free pick up from Airport to hotel. Unfortunately, we paid US$8 for the transport to the airport on our last day of departure!

If you planned to stay in this hotel, please email them before you make any booking or reservations. Remember to ask them for the free pick up to and from the hotel / airport. Otherwise, they will charge you! I made a mistake for not asking for the free transfer to the airport. Lesson learnt!

This is the hotel restaurant where we had our breakfast every morning. Breakfast is free! Yay!

This is not a 5 stars hotel, there's no air-cond but fans. So, be prepared to sweat! lol!

The view of the swimming pool from the restaurant.
My family and I really wanted to swim in this pool because of the hot weather!!! Gosh! I really cannot stand the heat! It is hotter than Malaysia!

Our breakfast. There's a noodle in the menu. Please don't order that. It's just like our maggi mee instant noodle + vege + chicken meat. We can eat that in Malaysia.

The room!! Spacious room! I actually booked two twin rooms, but they gave me two rooms with 3 beds. The same for my parents' room. Hmm..The pillow and bed is just nice and comfortable for me. I had very good sleep every night!

Spacious toilet as well! The water heater is not working! No point complaining to the receptionist. They did not make the effort to fix it for us. We had to dance while bathing cold water in the morning! Haha!

Reminder: After you've used your toiletries, please keep it in your bag if you still want to use it.
The staff who cleans your room will throw your toiletries away! My brother was complaining that he could not find his toothbrush! LOL!
I read another review from, someone actually faced the same situation too, could not find his toiletries!

The hotel tuk tuk. This hotel is located just 5 - 10 minutes away from the town area. You must give yourself a ride because it's free for all hotel guests! They will send you to town and pick you up. No worries on your transportation to town. Enjoy the tuk tuk ride!

There will be another post on Cambodia trip. Still editing my pictures! Be patient!

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