Birthday Dinner

by - 3:58 PM

Firstly, I would like to say thanks to my group of friends for celebrating my birthday. They came all the way from my hometown to KL just to celebrate my birthday!! Gosh! I do not know how to thank them. Feeling overjoyed and really glad to have such nice friends. It's really special to have my birthday celebration in a Korean restaurant. Hmm...honestly, I'm not good in eating korean food. I prefer Japanese food more than Korean food.

Frankie, Lillian and Kar Ling

Korean Boss introducing a wine from Korea!
Taste special eh~
He also taught us how to sing birthday song in Korean!
And I only remember the last word "hamidan".....

The food!!

Here's the name card. Johnny Lim, which is the boss, isn't a Chinese. He's a Korean with a Chinese sir name because of his great great grandfather was a Chinese.

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