Ah Shan Hostel in Hong Kong

by - 1:29 AM

This is another hotel review. This is Ah Shan Hostel in Hong Kong. It's located at Mong Kok, just a two minute walk from the Mong Kok MTR station. I like the location where travelling on our own is so much easier. I booked this twin room from Hostel World. I think it was about RM80-100 per night for a twin room. It's cheap in Hong Kong!
The bed and pillow are just right for me, no hard bed. You can bring along your laptop to online in your room, because they have free wi-fi and free calls to Hong Kong from your room telephone, but not international calls. Also, there's a HD flat TV in each room. This hostel provides free drinking water too. Be sure to have your own water container.

The washroom is so clean but a little small.

There're two computers at the reception area for the hostel guests to use. It's free to online!
Wearing in black is the receptionist. She's Fiona, a friendly and nice lady. She's the boss's daughter. Feel free to add Ah Shan Hostel in facebook. For backpackers, this is a nice place to stay and you'll also get to meet other solo backpackers.

This hostel even went on TVB drama shows. It's the ID 精英 drama.

One of the rooms shown in TVB. If I had a chance to visit Hong Kong again, I will definitely come back to this hostel. It's worth the money.

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