Central Hotel in Macau

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We booked this hotel at a very last minute because we couldn't seem to find a better hotel than Central Hotel. This hotel is really old and run down. The minute I walked in to this hotel, it has a faint smell of old wooden furniture. There were a few lady receptionists on duty, one of the lady was abit impolite to us when we told her that we've paid in full for the twin bed room. She took the room key and put it on the table for us without saying a word. She can at least tell us which floor. Hmm.... We stayed on the 10th floor, with free wi-fi connection in the room. The temperature on that day was 16-18 degree celcius. I like the cooling weather!

When we reached the 10th floor, we followed the signage of the room numbers. We walked on a dark and small hallway, the carpetted floor has some creaking sounds when we were walking. It was kinda scary for me. I had goosebumps! =.=''

This is the twin bedroom.

This hotel is still using the old type of air conditioning.

The washroom is rather dirty! This is such a turned off! I wonder whether the cleaner cleans the washroom. There's a cigarette butt next to the toilet bowl, the walls and the floor are dirty with yellow stained on it!! I hope they can clean it with stronger detergent and maintain the toilet once in a while.

This is the room's balcony.

The view from the balcony door. If you have a better choice of hotels, please go for others. This may not be suitable for couples who come for honeymoon or romance. Luckily it was just a night, we checked out quickly before the check out time and went to Hong Kong the same day.

To read more on this hotel review, here's the website. You can see most of the feedbacks are bad. I wish I could give a good feedback, but...i just couldn't.

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