Siem Reap, Cambodia - Day 1

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1) Alright, it's time to blog about my Siem Reap trip starting from day 1, and then followed by day 2 and 3.
This is the Siem Reap International Airport. It's a small airport. My family and I arrived Siem Reap at 8.00AM in the morning. Yeap, can you imagine how early we had to wake up, drove all the way to KL sentral from Pahang, and then boarded Air Asia's shuttle bus to LCCT. Everything was in a rush and hurry. Still remembered I was the first to run to the shuttle bus from the ground floor to the lower ground floor! My brother was the last, even though he has longer legs!!!! Guess he's a zombie at that moment.
The Angkor Spirit Palace Hotel sent a driver to pick us up from the airport. The minute I stepped out of the arrival hall, there were just so many people standing at the gate holding tags and banners welcoming tourist, and many of them holding names of the tourists. I was searching for my name and couldn't find! Alamak, my heart beat was pounding faster and faster because I do not know how's the driver look like, moreover I was so afraid he didn't wait for us because the flight delayed for half an hour! You know...air asia's trend~
My family and I stood at the gate, still searching and looking for my name, up and down...haha! finally a guy from the back took an A4 paper up and asked whether I'm 'Evelyn C'. Hmm...while walking to the car park, I was thinking what car will it be? a Van? a tuk tuk? or?? I was brave enough to ask the driver, which one is his car. He pointed to me, 'there...the silver Camry'...
my dad replied 'woah...we have a camry to pick us up eh, i thought tuk tuk?' nah...we're not looking down on cambodians. We had to prepare just in case if we sit in a tuk tuk...prepare sunglasses, apply sunblock, and face mask! Haha!
2) After settled down and unpacked our luggages, I went to the lobby to meet the tour guide. We only contacted via emails for about a month ago, discussing about my itinerary. The tour guide was friendly and well-mannered, and not forgetting he can speak good English. He brought us to Rolous Group temple which is located at the East of Siem Reap around 11KM drive. Drivers in Siem Reap drive very slow at 60kmh even though it's a straight road with no cars in front. I can never stand that unless i'm stuck in a jam!

3) A closer view of the Rolous group temple


5) View from the top of the temple. Of cause I didn't climb till the top. I have a fear of steep steps, fear of falling down, it's not easy to walk down either.

6) The wall of the temple

7) This is the tour guide's van.

8) Ta da...Here comes one of the wonders of the world. It's the Angkor Wat! Angkor wat is just behind of this front building. It took us about 15 minutes to walk the long stretch of walkway, and the weather is really killing us! If you're planning to make a trip to this beautiful country, please bring along a foldable umbrella, a sunblock, and sunglasses. My brother was suggesting that if he were to sell just foldable umbrellas at the entrance of Angkor Wat, he'll make big bucks! LOL! It's true! not even a single person sell umbrella besides souvenirs, postcards, drinks, and hats.

9) After a long walk, you'll see a pond on your left. Too many tourists gather at this beautiful spot to capture this wonder of the world. It's even nicer during the sunrise and sunset!

10) I like this one. Really hard to take this picture because I had to wait until there's no one blocking my view or coming out from one of the pillars! I waited and standby to take this picture. There were a few of them behind me, waiting patiently to take this picture. LOL! This picture looks quiet, but it was noisy at that moment! Too crowded with tourists.

11) Nice wall. There must be a story behind it. Too much to write....haha! Get a tour guide to explain to you or buy a book about angkor wat and get a good read.

12) A big place

13) One of the pillars in angkor wat

14) This place is too huge. And you'll never stop yourself from taking lots of pictures.
I like this square frame.

15) Monks walking around this beautiful temple.


17) While walking out from the Angkor Wat temple, I saw a bride and a bridegroom having an outdoor photo session. Their wedding costumes look like Aladdin's!!

18) I bet you dare not eat this. These are not normal eggs. The chicks are cooked inside the eggs! Give it a try if you dare. It's sold opposite the Angkor Wat temple. Walk across the road, and you'll see these eggs. Eww..

19) It's dinner time! The hotel owner suggested us to eat in this restaurant. It's the Tany Khmer Family Kitchen Restaurant. The hotel driver drove us with his tuk tuk. The road to this restaurant is bumpy and dusty! Nevermind about the road, it's fun! We're laughing and chatting on our way.

20) This dish goes with picture 21 dish. Take a little egg, and put a little of the raw vegetables on the egg. Fold the egg and eat together with the vegetables! I still can remember the taste. It's yummy~ but the long bean has a strong long bean smell. LOL! I prefer to eat it when it's cooked.

21) These are all raw vegetables.

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