Vacation @ Macau

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Hooray!! This was my first time travelling to Macau and Hong Kong. It was a four nights 5 days trip. ok..I should be blogging about my Siem Reap trip before my Macau and Hong Kong trip...I didn't have a time to edit my pictures yet...I'll blog about it soon.
#1 This is the outer Harbour Ferry Terminal in Macau. My partner and I took a ferry from Fu Yong Ferry Terminal, Shen Zhen, China to Macau by TurboJet Ferry. The ferry ride was an hour fifteen minutes. The ferry fare costs about RMB196.
#2 I took this picture while I was travelling on a free shuttle bus to this Grand Lisboa hotel. That golden unique building is a five stars hotel with Casino! Anyway, we didn't stay in this hotel. We just couldn't afford to stay in this luxurious hotel. It's a few thousand ringgit per night!

#3 This green building is unique too! I guess this must be a hotel.

#4 Macau and Hong Kong's Mannings is also known as Guardian in Malaysia and Singapore

#5 This is what I wanted to see! The Ruins of St. Paul! The Ruins of St. Paul refers to the façade of what was originally the Cathedral of St. Paul, a 17th century Portuguese cathedral in Macau dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle. Today, the ruins are one of Macau's most famous landmarks. In 2005, the Ruins of St. Paul were officially enlisted as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Centre of Macau. The cathedral was one of the largest Catholic church in Asia at the time.

#6 A throng of visitors busy snapping pictures.

#7 Still very well-maintained

#8 Ooo..I love this green green grass! it's just somewhere nearby to the Ruins of St Paul

#9 Ahh~ I love reflection too! It's the Museum. Can't remember what's the name of the museum because we did not have enough time for that.

#10 This building is The Macau Business Tourism Centre

#11 Look at the floor! Isn't it nice? This area is known as Senado Square

#13 Another nice building

#14 We have reached The Venetian! Nice singing performance at the venetian

#15 This place really look like the real Venetian

#19 The Casino is just right below! Cameras Are allowed! This is so las vegas like...

#20 The arch shape ceiling with paintings. This is the entrance of the Venetian to the Casino and Hotel.
#21 Wow..such a long limo ...
#22 One of the casinos in Macau.
#23 Casino Lisboa during day time

#24 Macau is full of so many beautiful buildings, flowers, etc...

#26 Mango 'Tau Fu Fa'! It's my first time to try this. It's soft and delicious! I'm wondering where can I eat this in Malaysia.

#27 This is the restaurant where you get to eat the mango tau fu fa. I'm not good in Chinese. Don't know how to read the name of the restaurant name. Nobody actually introduced this restaurant to us, we walked pass this restaurant while we were looking at our maps, and thinking where to have our breakfast, and we found the one and only restaurant along this road.

#28 After a good breakfast, we continued with our visiting and walking. We walked pass another church. Gosh..i can't recall what's the name of this church coz we went into a few churches. This church is just around Senado Square. A big and nice church, with Easter orchestra performance on a Sunday morning.

After a great visit at Macau, we then travelled to Hong Kong by Ferry on the second day. To be continued...

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