SG17 & Cardabilities Sketch #2

by - 10:07 AM

Hopefully everyone had a great time celebrating Mother's Day last Sunday.
I had a simple celebration back in hometown. I bought my mum a pistachio cake. It was my very first time to eat a pistachio cake, anyway, it tasted so nice. All the pictures are in another camera back in hometown, i've forgotten to transfer them to my computer!!!! Sigh...i tend to forget things very easily.
Back to my cards, here's a card challenge from SketchGirlLannie.
I've decided to make a birthday card based on the sketch because I am always lack of birthday cards! I'm doing my best to make more birthday cards.

Here's another sketch from Cardabilities.
I like the border puncher which I bought from Hong Kong during my vacation. It costs only US$3! That's cheap! I was having a hard time choosing the punchers. LoL.

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