Father's Day Card - Mojo Monday 139

by - 12:53 PM

This is my first father's day card I made this year, and it is for my dad. My dad loves to read so much, he has his own library room which is as big as both my brother's and my room! He never fail to visit a book store whenever he passes by one. The books are pilling up on the staircase soon. My mum was telling him that he shall stop from buying books, but he just has the habit of buying! I hope my dad will like this card. I cannot remember where did I get this digital stamp, all I know it was a freebie from a card challenge blog. Gosh..please leave me a comment if anyone knows. The pile of books are coloured with Illustrator, then printed out. I was playing with the illustrator for the past one week and am addicted to it. The blue string is an acrylic yarn. I took a while to get the yarn in to the small button hole. Hmm....

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