Saturday @ work

by - 12:11 AM

Saturday is the most hectic day for me! I have to teach from 9am-6pm, of course there are some breaks in between my working hours, but sometimes I don't. By the end of the day, I'll be so worn out. Friends sometimes do call me out for drinks, dinners, movies, pool, club, etc...but i'm just extremely tired of spending my night time with them. I rejected a lot of invites. :( Most of the Saturdays, I have to drive back to my hometown which is a 45 minutes drive from KL. Can you imagine how tired I am?

I'm happy to be home now. I miss my mum's dishes! I only get to eat her dishes on Saturdays and Sundays. I'm not a good cook at all and I don't cook! Sigh...For the past few days, I had an interview in a music academy and I got that job! Good for me! It's nearer to where I am staying now. I'll soon be working under two academies. Am hoping to know more teachers, students, and friends. Thanks to one of my seniors, who introduced me to this academy.

It's midnight now, I should be on the bed by now. Feeling sleepy and tired. Ciao~

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