Father's Day

by - 3:47 PM

I had a simple father's day celebration back in hometown together with my family.
I actually thought that father's day falls on 13 June! I bought a chocolate blueberry cake for my dad. It was my mistake. Father's day is supposed to be on the 20th. I told my dad that I wanted to have an early celebration for him. He was happy and alright with it!
There'll be no pictures of him in this post. Just a cake and a handmade card. He was happy to receive my card, held it for a few seconds, had a clearer look, as if he's exploring something on the card. Hmm...I'm happy that he loves my card.
My mum took out 4 cans of Guinness draught from the fridge which she bought from the UK. We had one each. I think I prefer Carlsberg than Guinness.

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