Figaro School of Performing Arts Opening

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20/6/10: Attended Teck Yeong's Figaro School of Performing Arts grand opening.
Teck Yeong is one of my seniors during my studies in yamaha academy of arts & music.
He is a talented person, on the piano, composing songs, in music production, and he even published his own books! Congrats to him!
This is Wincci Soo, Ms World Malaysia 08/09.
She sanged a few songs. I love one of the songs she sang, which is by siti nurhaliza, I couldn't recall the song title. She has a sweet voice!
This is Dr Cheong performing Chopin Polonaise.
He's one of the lecturers from ucsi.

The boss giving out his speech.

Sara performing Alicia Keys'.
I love her singing and playing on the piano.
She's soon to be called Dr Sara! Congrats to her as well!
She's my senior and also a lecturer in ucsi.
A hot lecturer! :)
Pictures credit to Sara Ngooi

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