Macaroons Baking Class

by - 10:00 AM

I signed up for a 3 hour macaroons baking class last month. My good friend Joanna accompanied me as she's also interested in learning how to bake macaroons. We went for the class last Friday morning. There were 6 students in a class. I always thought baking is something tough but after attended my first baking class, it's not that difficult after all. I enjoyed the time together with my buddy.

piping the cream nicely on the parchment paper

tap the tray hard to remove air bubbles and leave it to dry until the macaroons formed a hard layer

then the macaroons are ready to put in the oven at 150 - 160 degrees celcius

a closer look..

after baking, we put aside to let it cool down before pairing them and putting in the fillings

We had 3 different flavours; Coffee, Orange, and Strawberry macaroons.
Joanna and I did orange macaroons.

Ta da!!! We've completed with our macaroons. The taste of a macaroon is extremely sweet for me, I'm not sure about you.

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